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InventoryU is an app that helps residents of homes and
apartments keep track of their assets. Scan your personal item receipts, tags, photo, or add a custom description.

Dream Job Journey

Dream Job Journey

Dream your wildest dreams when checking out locations for potential employment.
Enter your favorite activity with your dream job and where you want to adventure
and get a glimps of what life will be like for you. It's your own personal job trip diary.

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Open Source Commercial Software Compared

Difference Between

Open source software is generally free or has low-cost licensing options. ... However, regardless of the payment structure, you should expect to pay significantly more to develop, host and maintain a website utilizing Microsoft technologies or a commercial CMS versus an open source alternative.

Electronics Today

Electronics Magazine

European scientists are using photonics to develop a low emission, 1.6 terabyte-per-second speed internet that will reduce power consumption by 50% per Gb/s.